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Norman Mitchell, a longtime management and performance consultant, examines how ocean surfing skills can help you navigate uncertainty and change in all areas of life.

In Ride the Wave of Change, you will discover the ultimate guide to life surfing. Whether or not you like to surf, there’s a lot you can learn about navigating change in your own life by applying lessons from those who ride the waves of the great blue sea.

Change may be disastrous if you are inflexible and unprepared. Buckle up and be ready to Ride the Wave of Change. In this book, Norman Mitchell, an organizational psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, guides you on learning how to use his proven 5-step CHARM process to effectively face unexpected changes with optimism and confidence; maintain a level head during times of transition and uncertainty; remain positive when facing scary waves; and overcome fears that come with formidable challenges. By learning to become a life surfer, you’ll be equipped to handle whatever changes come your way.





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